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Mentored Engineering Research


What will I be doing as an IMMERSE participant?

You will be participating in a mentored research opportunity with a faculty member and other students including graduate students. The day to day research activities will depend on the research project you are assigned to. All IMMERSE students will participate in a research presentation, research paper, and an outreach activity.

Is IMMERSE a paid research opportunity?

Yes, students who participate as an IMMERSE student will be paid as university student employees. Students must adhere to all university employment rules and regulations as well as the BYU Honor Code.

How much do I get paid?

The pay rate as an IMMERSE research assistant (RA) is dictated by the department pay scale. The pay scale takes into account your standing in the program and your experience working in the department. The pay rate is not negotiable and is set by the department financial controller.

How many hours can I work as an IMMERSE student?

The number of hours you can work while participating as an IMMERSE is dictated by the university student employee rules and regulations. In general, students can work up to 40 hours per week during the spring and summer and 20 hours per week during the Fall and Winter semester. Individual circumstances may require deviations to these guidelines.

Do I automatically get into graduate school if I participate in IMMERSE?

No. Participating in IMMERSE will help you prepare for graduate school but you must go through the regular graduate admissions process.

Do I have to go to BYU for graduate school if I participate in IMMERSE?

No, you are encouraged to apply to any graduate school of interest. You are encouraged to apply to BYU whether or not you decide to attend BYU.

To which faculty member will I be assigned?

You will be assigned to interview with a faculty member or two based on your stated research interests, your program of study, and the needs of the faculty seeking IMMERSE students.

What factors are considered when selecting students for IMMERSE?

  • Aptitude and commitment to attend graduate school
  • Work ethic
  • Performance as an undergraduate student

Do I have to go to graduate school if I participate in IMMERSE?

No, but you should not participate in IMMERSE if you have no interest in attending graduate school.

Can I request a specific faculty member?

Yes, please state the faculty member you would like to work with in your IMMERSE application.

Do you prefer Phd vs. MS?

Students interested in pursuing a PhD will be given preference over students pursuing an MS.

When does IMMERSE begin and when does it end?

You will begin your IMMERSE activities at the end of Winter semester, and it is expected that you will continue in your IMMERSE activities throughout your undergraduate education and until you graduate.

What do I do if I want to go on an internship or study abroad?

You should not participate in IMMERSE if you are planning to participate in an internship or a study abroad program. All of these are good, positive educational activities, but the IMMERSE program requires that you be here during the summer.

What is my involvement in IMMERSE in the Fall semester after the summer is over?

You are expected to continue working with your IMMERSE research group after the summer and during the fall semester. Students should work at least 8-10 hours a week.

Can I take a class during spring/summer during IMMERSE?

Taking classes is possible, but you should discuss this with your faculty mentor.

Can I hold another job while participating in IMMERSE?

No, it will be difficult to hold a separate job while participating in IMMERSE and pursuing your studies.

Can I participate in IMMERSE if I don't plan on going to graduate school?

IMMERSE is intended for students who are planning to attend graduate school. If you are not interested in graduate school then IMMERSE is probably not for you.

How can I prepare for my interview?

Just show up and honestly answer the questions you are given. The faculty just want to get to know you and find out your background and interest in undergraduate research.

Do I have to stay with the IMMERSE program for the rest of my undergraduate experience?

No, participation in IMMERSE is voluntary and you can leave the IMMERSE program at any time. On the same note, your faculty mentor can release you from IMMERSE for poor performance or lack of progress at any time. However, you should not participate in IMMERSE if you do not think you can participate for the full term.