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Mentored Engineering Research

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Chip Camp
Reports & Expectations

Wednesday Meeting Schedule

All Immerse participants are expected to participate in the weekly group meetings as well as the respective broader impact meetings to which they are assigned.

Main Immerse Meeting - Wed 12pm Weekly

The main group meetings provide time for all Immerse participants to learn important things related to becoming stellar researchers. Most weeks, this meeting will have a faculty presentation on a subject related to research, ethics, or graduate school. After the faculty presentation, there will be student presentations given on various research topics (See the Presentation Schedule on learning suite). These meetings are very important and should be a priority for all Immerse participants.

For the Broader Impact Meeting times visit learning suite.

Chip Camp

Chip Camp is an opportunity for students entering the eighth and ninth grades to get hands on experience regarding electrical, and other types of Engineering. Brigham Young University's IMMERSE program has teamed up with Micron and IMFlash in order to help kids have the chance to participate in activities like Circuit Building, Rocket Launching, Chemical Deposition, and even program and customize their own LED Frisbee. Additionally, students are given a tour of BYU's Cleanroom as well as taught the basic process that go into making Computer and Memory Chips (hence, Chip Camp!). By the end of Chip Camp, we hope to be able to impress upon the students the importance of engineering within our society, as well as give them the chance to work on Engineering Projects of their own.

Chip Camp Website:



All Immerse participants are required to write two reports and give a technical presentation over the course of the summer. These assignments are not meant as busywork but rather opportunities to develop the skills necessary to be effective technical researchers.

Research and Broader Impacts - Proposal

This one-page report is meant to assist you in focusing your efforts on specific projects. Proposals should include a brief summary of the projects you are working on as well as a general outline of things you hope to accomplish by the end of the summer. This should include a proposal for how you plan to make a difference in your assigned broader impact groups.

Due: May 23 -- Submitted on Learning Suite

Research and Broader Impacts - Summary

This two-page report is your opportunity to describe the progress you have made in research over the summer and outline any key accomplishments. Be sure to explain what specific contributions you personally made and how you were able to overcome challenges in research. This is also your opportunity to share your individual broader impact contributions.

Due: August 22 -- Submitted on Learning Suite

Technical Presentation

During the second half of our main meeting, we will split into tracks where you will have the opportunity to share some of your research with your peers. Each technical presentation will consist of a timed 12-Minute Presentation and 3-Minute Q&A. You are expected to prepare adequately and to look professional. Further guidelines for the technical presentation can be found in this PowerPoint.

It is also expected that you include a slide about Ethics, and how your research relates to it. Feel free to refer to the IEEE Code of Ethics as you prepare this small portion of your presentation.

See the Presentation Schedule (under the Schedule tab) to find when you are scheduled to present.