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Mentored Engineering Research
Immerse Application
This application form should take approximately 10-15 minutes to fill out. Click Submit at the bottom of the page when you have answered each question.

Expected Year/Semester of Graduation

Which of the following classes have you taken?

With which IMMERSE research projects would you like to work?

For each research project, select your level of interest:

Signals and Systems

Dr. Harrison, Dr. Jeffs, Dr. Long, Dr. Mazzeo, Dr. Peterson

Electronic Circuit Design

Dr. Chiang

Microfabrication and Cleanroom

Dr. Hawkins, Dr. Smalley, Dr. Mazzeo, Dr. Camacho, Dr. Nordin

Computer Engineering

Dr. Nelson, Dr. Wirthlin, Dr. Goeders, Dr. Hutchings, Dr. Lee, Dr. Lundrigan, Dr. Lloyd

Controls and UAVs

Dr. Peterson, Dr. Beard, Dr. Mangelson


Dr. Hawkins, Dr. Smalley, Dr. Schultz, Dr. Camacho, Dr. Nordin

Physical Sensors (Infrastructure, Chemical, Environmental monitoring, Test instrumentation)

Dr. Hawkins, Dr. Mazzeo, Dr. Schultz, Dr. Chiang, Dr. Nordin

Wireless Communications

Dr. Warnick, Dr. Jeffs, Dr. Harrison, Dr. Lundrigan

Lab On a Chip

Dr. Hawkins, Dr. Nordin

Microwaves and Remote Sensing, Cubesat Satellites

Dr. Long

Radio Astronomy

Dr. Warnick, Dr. Jeffs

Robotic Vision

Dr. Lee

I do not have any preferences and am happy to work on any project.

What is your proficiency with the following skills?

For each skill, select your level of proficiency:

Shop Skills (drills, lathes, saws, etc)

Circuit Assembly Skills

Web Design


3D Printing

CAD Design

Computer Programming



Hands-on Lab Work

PCB Design

Graphic Design